commission a portrait

Just email me 4-6 of your own images, and I will choose what I think would work best as a piece of art. One image will be chosen for the pose, but all photos will be used to learn more about the subject’s facial features and hair and eye color. Here are some tips to picking better images from your personal gallery:

-natural light is best

-candid moments, maybe looking down or away, are better than big, posed smiles to the camera

-I encourage siblings/subjects to be done as separate pieces hung or placed together to keep the focus on the uniqueness of the individual. Portraits with multiple kids/subjects are possible depending on the image but must be done at the 11x11/11x14 or larger size at an additional cost.

-high resolution files will provide the most detail and "information" for me. This means photos taken on your camera's highest quality setting or RAW files. Professional photos are welcome as long as you have the copyright release from the photographer.

the finished artwork

The finished portrait will be simplified to focus on the face and expression just like the images you see here on the site unless otherwise discussed. All portraits are done on 300 lb. Fabriano Artistico archival paper, with the highest quality pigments.

Once we've discussed size and pricing, I will send you an invoice that you can pay directly online. Shipping is an additional cost that will vary depending on where you live.

Museum quality, archival replicas of the portraits can be made upon request. These would be printed at actual size or smaller, and any number of copies is available for $95 each.

Portraits take 3-5 weeks to complete depending on the size and number of original works you order.


$195 4x4 on paper mounted to wooden block

($75 per additional wooden block piece made with archival print replica)

$400 8x8/8x10 on paper only

($95 per archival print replica)

$650 11x11/11x14 on paper only

($95 per archival print replica)

all works done as single subject only, for 2+ subjects in one image, email me for size and price quotes